She reveals a confidence and expertise in her work which are both reassuring and rewarding.
— Maureen A.
I have never felt this strong and healthy in my life. Amy has changed my body for the better and done so in an ergonomic and sustainable way.
— Natalie S.
She has helped me immensely to recover from my injury, as well as strengthen my overall fitness level.
— Wendy N.
Amy has been diligent, skilled and very good natured about finding a rehab and workout regime that fits us both, keeping our limitations in mind.
— Anne and Edward
If you have a need to work on your physical strength and health, she’s a wonderfully knowledgeable therapist. She gets to know your needs, studies what is right for you and works on getting the right plan.
— Doug M.
Prior to working with Amy, my back and neck would go out regularly due to injuries I suffered as a result of a car accident. Through bi-weekly workouts with Amy, I am stronger, leaner and rarely experience back and neck problems. I made the decision to invest in my body which has ultimately made my life better overall.
— Deanne B.